The most awkward place in the school where you have to suck in your stomach to not be made fun of
"Were going into the locker room, time to get made fun of."
by ClassicBanana February 8, 2019
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The place designated for people to change into or out of work out clothes. In public gyms there will typically be 70-year-old men walking around with little to no clothing on, thinking this is a perfectly acceptable practice. Usually the floors are slippery and covered in a medley of liquids ranging from jizz to pool water. In high school locker rooms, there is not much a of a difference. Well, besides the fact that you are required to take it to graduate and are pretty much forced to strip down to your underwear in front of your possibly gay classmates. The bathrooms here are usually not shown too much love, or at least when I went to school they weren't. On more than one occasion I have placed my gym bag in crap, touched walls covered in jizz, and stepped on a mound of pubis.
I remember vividly Freshman year, coming back from the pool (at least 5% of that water was just piss) to the locker room and stepping into the shower only to find it partially flooded because there was enough pubic hair to knit a sweater clogging the drain. I had been forever grateful the rest of my high school career that I would never being going back to that room ever again, and never would me, or my naked ass, be ogled at by gay kids for the rest of those 4 years.
by Cripple Chris December 26, 2011
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Room in which high school kids change for gym classes. Usually contain a large open area with benches to change, along with a number of lockers, urinals and showers.

These are usually very embarassing places to be, as everyone has to strip down in front of their friends, with no place for privacy. Expect tons of pantsing and insults about one's body.

Even worse are swim class locker rooms, in which full nudity is much more common, and the showers are more likely to be used. Avoid getting random boners at all costs!
Kyle dreaded entering the school locker room. He always felt so awkward stripping in front of the other kids.

The room consisted of a largely open space with three long benches down the middle. On either side of the room were a number of lockers, and on the back wall were the urinals. In a little hall stretching out from the urinals were the showers, which consisted of ten showerheads positioned above small drains in the floor.

Kyle placed his bag on the first bench and sat down, looking around as he took off his shoes. The other two benches were pretty crowded, and there was one guy with his shorts around his ankles, humping the bench. Some other kids were laughing as they pulled on their shirts, getting up to leave for the gym.

Kyle pulled off his shirt and balled it up, then headed for the lockers on the left side of the room. There were three guys standing by these lockers. Two were shirtless, while one was just in his plaid boxers. They were arguing over something, and the one in his plaids pushed another against the locker, screaming in his face.

Kyle opened a locker and threw his shirt in, then dropped his jeans and tossed them in too. He felt horribly exposed in his boxer briefs, and went back across the room to the urinals.
by Hornyguy2 November 11, 2009
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A place where gang bangs occur frequently.
Bobby and his friends gang banged Suzie in the locker room.
by Johnny Elbow May 3, 2006
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Older slang term for Amyl or Butyl nitrate, which used to be sold in sex shops, so-named probably because some people find the chemical has an odor slightly akin to dirty socks. Also called "rush" or "popper." The chemical causes a sudden and dramatic expansion of the blood vessels, creating an intense rush, often followed by a feeling of light-headedness. Often used at raves, and in dancehalls/discos. Very popular with gay men, to increase the intensity of the orgasm. Amyl or Butyl nitrate used in conjunction with drugs intended to correct erectile dysfunction (e.g., Viagra) is potentially fatal.

Amyl nitrate by inhalation (in appropriate quantities, and administered by a physician) acts as an antidote for cyanide poisoning, by causing the body to produce methemoglobin which combines with the cyanide to form nontoxic cyanmethemoglobin.
Man, no way was I gonna toke on that weed - Joey soaked it in locker room.
by Rod Brock August 1, 2006
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A magical places where male students do incrediable things such as becoming a human fidget spinner, singing the halo theme, etc
The boys locker room is scary
You dont want to go in the boys locker room
by TheEpicPoopDealer June 15, 2019
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