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Locked up is when you are imprisoned in jail, or in a place where you can not get out.
Yo, G-Unit! Yo, man; did ya hear? Big Jiggly got himself LOCKED UP the other day for doin a rash cram on da govoner's daughta.
by Dr. Pavordney November 26, 2004
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a term used to describe someone who is currently in jail.
He won't be able to meet us for a few years, he's locked up!
by eMJayDee March 25, 2006
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Locked Up is when you run upstairs to talk to your parents and the door is locked. That would be considered Locked Out, but in Locked Up, its when the door is locked because your parents are having intercourse. Of course you would not know this unless you could hear the sex noises. Hopfully you can not.
I ran up to my parents room, it was locked. I then put my ear to the door, thats when i noticed i was locked up.
by Father Christmas November 04, 2004
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