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A term of endearment commonly used by anime fans ( weebs )
weeb1: i lob u

weeb2: i lob u more
weeb3: lob lob lob

example 2:
I lob you all
by weebwrld November 6, 2020
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After watching that skin flick I've got a right lob on
by Russ Brown April 1, 2003
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That one kid that you don't like and you hope he gets hit by a cow.
Guy: Omg that guy over there is such a lob!!
by Alexander&BMW June 7, 2017
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lob means lots of boobs not bread but boobs
makayla: “what does lob mean?”
nova: “oh lob means lots of boobs.”
makayla: “YASSS LOB LOB LOB !!”
by novanator June 24, 2021
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Often used to mean "throw", particularly refers to heavy objects.
"I need some help to lob this broken chair into the skip."
"lobbing a large stone"
by Rabid Giraffe June 2, 2006
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tracy mcgrady has done a lob to vince carter and he dunked it done with one hand
by weedrasta August 10, 2013
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