Means whatever.

Also a Spanish term meaning whatever.
Well lo que...

I don't care what you say, "yea lo que I don't care either".

Breion - "Dang bitch you think you all that"
Cherisha - "I know I'm fly, lil girl"
Breion - "lo que"
Cherisha - "Don't get mad cuz I'm rockin these jeans"
Brion - "smiles and says, you know you lookin' good girl"
Cherisha - "Youse a bitch but you know you my whodie"
by Kietee025 June 25, 2006
Guy 1: Que lo que loco.
Guy 2: Nah, aqui chillin, tu sabe como es.
by Domexicano March 16, 2005
I know how to say it, but I'm not exactly sure how to spell it. I'm pretty sure that's correct. Now to the meaning: Lo que sea means "Whatever." You can use it in a variety of ways.
1. "Boricua,cubano,negro! Lo que sea, ya tu sabes!" Pitbull (rapper) is saying, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Blacks, whatever, you know! (From the song What You Gon' Do (Latino Remix))

2. Girl: Que quieres hacer? What do you want to do)
Boy: lo que sea...
Because we know guys don't really care.

3. Girl 1: Tu mamas en vida! (You suck at life)
Girl 2: Lo que sea pendeja! pendejo
by Reneeeeeeeeeeee August 10, 2006
Spanish for "that's what she said." You can use it in place of "that's what she said" and not many people will know what you're talking about, so you can chuckle to yourself.
Friend: I was amazed at how she just took it all in. You: Eso es lo que ella dijo. Friend: What? You: Exactly.
by Cassie... March 31, 2011
It's an expression usually used to damn something specially precise, but it's used too like a way to damn in general.
In some cases it's said to express a big surprise too.
"Que lo parió" literally means "what give birth it"
-¡Que lo parió! Ese hijo de puta se robó mi billetera.
Qué lo parió! That son of a bitch stoled my wallet.

-Perdí mi billetera...¡Qué lo parió!
I've lost my wallet...Qué lo parió!

_¡Qué lo parió! ¡Encontré mi billetera denuevo!
Que lo parió! I've found my wallet again!
by Juan Manuel May 10, 2006
Slang for saying "what the fuck". It literary means "who gave birth to it". Very popular among porteño spanish speaking people. It might express either surprise or anger, it hasn't got a very nice connotation
Eg.(a) A: Te enteraste de Roberto? Se casa...
B: Que lo pario, che! Es un boludo!
(A: Did u hear about Roberto? He's gettin' married...
B:WTF? What an asshole!)

(b) "Que lo pario, me corte el dedo"
(WTF! I cut my finger!)
by pEriktia May 13, 2006