Lmao but without an o in the end, mostly by miswrittening
lma lma lma lma lma lma lma .
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Variation of "lmao", or "lmak". Often used after a weird joke, followed by a WTF, or just explaining something that made you laugh a bit
Funny French Fries Man: "I just sharted on your salsa lma, WTF"
Funny Condensated Man: "WTF"
by qKitti May 10, 2021
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when your girl or someone just keeps texting you while your busy and they know that you're caught up doing something.
"LMA I'll ttyl!!!"
by gOaS March 25, 2009
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Lick my asshole
People think you mean "leave me alone" but you really just want them to lick your asshole.
Girl: heyy!!!!!!!


Girl: Leave you alone?):

Boy: No, lick my asshole :D
by Burhan Parelly March 12, 2012
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The acronym "LMA" stands for "Lick My Asshole" and is used as an alternative not to get restricted or banned from various social media platforms or games.

The origin of "LMA" is the twitch streamer realmexx, which has to let out its anger despite the live stream.

Alternative use: LMAhole
You can LMA!
Bro just LMA!
Why is your aim so bad ? LMA

Omfg that ASSHOLE ! No you know what he can LICK MY ASSHOLE.
by realmexx October 24, 2020
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