Lloyd’s have a huge dick and loves his girl friends
Omg Lloyd dick is huge.
How do you know
by Doggy doggy woff July 26, 2019
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Yeah yeah that's the good stuff mhmmm lloyd yeah, yeah yeah yeah. Good time.
Let's lloyd
by Hitler'sFavoriteCar August 17, 2020
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My homie and besti! he is my study hall brother. he is a tranny ... We stannnnnnnnnnnnn! Uwu She still kinda a bitch doh ngl. he is also obsessed with lego ninjago
Hey Lloyd.
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by gracet173 November 26, 2019
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1)That guy that leaves you on read

2)the guy that goes out of their way to ignor you
Timmy "hey so thats wh.."
Philip *leaves convosation*
Timmy"john, philip is abit of a lloyd"
by Officalbingle June 09, 2020
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A Welsh name that has Ll, which is like lh, a U sound, and a back vowel, as in Respublikası.
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by Qorptocx November 15, 2018
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