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A very beautiful girl with an amazing smile, big innocent eyes and a unique personality. She is creative, smart and cheerful. She is very shy at first but once you get to know her she gets more comfortable and open. Sometimes her shyness can get the better of her and it can get in the way sometimes. Although she is so nice, bad things can happen to her unfortunately. If you ever meet a Liyah don't ever let her go! She may seem really shy and awkward but if you look past that there's an amazing worthwhile personality. When she is interested in someone, she might tell herself to talk to him but ends up just giving a smile. She over thinks alot and comes up with weird things sometimes. She sees the world differently to how others do, cares deeply about others feelings, she sometimes forgets about her own problems just to help others. But aside her flaws she is an amazing friend, sister, girlfriend and person in general.
Person#1: Isn't that girl pretty! Her eyes are so cute!

Person#2: Oh yeah, that's Liyah! Shes pretty but super shy and awkward, don't go for her.
Person#3: Liyah? Yeah I'm friends with her! She was really shy when we met but she's so nice and amazing behind that! Go talk to her, you'll love her!
by JustALittleSomeone November 11, 2017
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a girl who appears sweet, nice, and shy but when you get to know her she might get naughty or bad
she's the type of person who can give you anything
cares about what other people feels but if she dislikes you then you probably dont want to be around her.
person: wow she's so pretty and nice
guy: yeah she is but she's also real naughty
person: really? :) so she's a liyah
by janeti200 October 28, 2009
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Liyah is a beautiful girl but doesn’t realise it. She puts everyone before herself and is the type of friend that will always be there for you. She is shy and introvert at first but once you get to know her you’ll see her sarcastic and humorous side. Liyah is very closed off and only trusts a few people. She is very sceptical about things and is afraid to give people her heart. Liyah is the type of girl to push her own problems away to help others. Give liyah your heart and you can be sure it will stay safe and she will never hurt it. She is the best friend, girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter and everything else. If you have a liyah in your life never let her go!
Do you know that girl?
Yeah that’s Liyah! She’s so awesome and funny
But she’s so quiet
That’s because you don’t understand her like I do
by Lifeeeeeee November 06, 2018
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WOW! this chick. she be fly. Shes white but think she black. She is one crazy bitch! everyone either loves or hates her. but nomatter wha she is always there for her true friends. But she is also a compulsive liar and can be the fakest person u know. so just be aware.
liyah so flly
by ur fantasy! December 31, 2011
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The girl that seems pretty and sweet but she's a bitch and an asshole so don't be friends with her!!
Wow she's cute!

Dude! That's liyah! She's a total bitch
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