Everytime I show up to the party there is always a lituation when I’m involved.
by PlayboiSP12 April 27, 2018
A situation that’s lit! A confirmed good time! Party, turn up, Sunday funday! fake decent
It’s going to be a lituation, pull up!
A lil litty, lituation
by YouCMe July 31, 2018
It is when something or an event was very lit uno? What’s up, what’s up blood? What’s up mama? Made by Bambi and ‘amira❤️
When me and my girl met up it was a lituation.
by ‘AmiraxBambi April 29, 2018
Clearly a word play between Lit and situation generating Lituation, a Situation that's lit. Fabolous was the mainstream artist to bring it up with a song that goes by the same name in 2014. On the recent days, Kanye was spotted singing the word in a facebook snippet clip.
"It's always a Lituation when im involved"
by Framali April 27, 2018