Some shit Kanye just said with a trump maga hat on and I dunno wtf??!
It’s always a lituation when he’s involved.
by Tricky Martian April 27, 2018
The moment where someone or something is being lit
A lituation was almost certain for the party.
by Vsm20129 June 14, 2016
The form of gettin lit during or in any type of situation you or other people may partake in.
Reago: let's hit gilly's party over on falling spring Zacho Stacko
Zacho Stacko: copy that bruh shits bouta be a lituation, bring L's
Reago: bet, omw
by Yolo Everyday March 16, 2017
A lituation is when something is lit and when something is a situation.
Me:girl did you see Gregory
Girl:yes it's a lituation
by April 21, 2016
a lituation is a lit situation. Something can be a "lituation" if it's lit, and if it's a situation.
Me: Were you at the party the other night?
Quinn: No, but I heard that it was a real lituation.
by lituation.station December 7, 2016
It’s a culmination of several lit things happening at once.
You go to the bodega and a chicken cutlet is half off and they give you a free bag of chips and an Arizona because they know you. That’s a lituation.
by stevesweatpants January 7, 2015