when something is so lit that instead of saying lit you say litty and instead of just litty its litty titty because it is so amazing and beyond it
bro: this is so lit
broski: bro this isnt just lit this is....

together: LITTY TITTY!!!
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by LITTTTTTYTITTY August 04, 2018
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Reaching the level of 'lit' where your alter ego comes out and you can no longer be blamed for any of your actions for the rest of that night.
Friend 1: "Can you believe how drunk Conner and Taylor got last night??"
Friend 2: "That wasn't Conner and Taylor, they were Litty Titty. That was Conrad and Naylor Telson."
by ConradicalBro July 15, 2017
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The perfect combination between trying to describe something as lit while also making a sexual innuendo
Arin said, "This party is going to be litty titty"
by jdogbillionare May 19, 2016
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When something is really fire or lit, or used as a term of excitement.

Originated in syracuse house of LiFE.
Just copped some ultra boosts, litty titties. Or, this mixtape is litty titties.
by Tesla14 January 16, 2017
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when u dont give a fuck but insist to keep texting someone
omg! i just saw a dildo that was shaped as a foot.

well ur a litty titty
by Im.a.fucking.dildo November 25, 2016
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