A something very small in size or smaller than something small usually is.
by Cheezy Ritz October 3, 2018
Littler is a grammatically incorrect word that is used by too many Americans and especially by females. When a speaker uses the word littler in a sentence, such as "That boy is littler than the other" it makes the speaker sound like a completely uneducated nimrod. The correct wording would be small or smaller. See Nutt-Racket post from 'Jenna the Great' to see such intelligence.
I heard a girl say this word and I thought it sounded completely uneducated. Her brain must be littler than mine. See Nutt-Racket
by adam1mc November 29, 2005
A specific type of family which continually breed females of which the youngest child is always the most perculiar and often thought of others as deluded. Such a family always take great care and presentation of their footwear selection and no matter where in the world they are residing will always be stocked with ample amounts of shoe polish.
"whoa i was at this chicks house the other nite, i opened her wardrobe to get a johnny and out fell an abundance of shoe polish, she must be a Littler"
by scaley April 11, 2008
it means “Smaller” but less fancy
by SsadlyItsMe November 6, 2020