The best way to kill a werewolf.
Make sure your shoe polish contains silver nitrate first, otherwise it won't work and you'll get your head torn off instead.
by ibangerjeepers May 21, 2022
pizazz or to shine, be hot, brilliant, sexy
that choir boy does not need any more shoe polish- he is just too damn fine as it is OR that s#it is just shoe polish (the new that's hot)
by tabernacle t April 14, 2005
When someone urinates on your shoe. (Most Commonly when in a bathroom stall).
I was just in the bathroom and got a golden shoe polish from your weird friend.
by Mr. Super Face August 13, 2010
When you get ketchup (or any other low class condiment) on your shoe.
Oh man, these Ale House sliders are dope. Whoops, got some Levittown Shoe Polish in my Timberlands.
by Fortytwenty January 19, 2015