Nickname. Affectionate term for one of your favorite people who happens to be petite or diminutive. Very lovable and adorable person. People love to hug this person because she fits well into their arms because of her small size.
Come give me a hug, Little One.

I adore my Little One because she fits just right!
by celebri-T April 4, 2009
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The submissive (but consenting and adult) partner in a relationship with a Caregiver/little dynamic.
He's a Daddy Dom; sometimes he calls his girlfriend "baby girl", but sometimes he calls her "little one".
by siever January 18, 2017
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Nickname usually given to a Submissive Female from a Dominant Male. There are also a lot of other nicknames used in a dom/sub relationship e.g. Princess , Baby girl , Kitten , etc. Usually users of the nickname have a Kink , specifically a Daddy kink . DD/lg relationship consists of complete trust, caring and consent . Little Ones usually act like a child in Daddy's eyes, that's called littlespace , making them completely care-free, like a small child.
Come sit on Daddy's lap, Little one.

How did your day go, Kitten?

Princess, did YOU eat all the cookies? You're gonna get sick!

Baby girl, you want anything?

Time for bed, Princess.

Good morning, Little one.
by Where Are U Now November 20, 2017
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An epic nickname for a younger sister given by an older sister for being exactly like her, looks and all. Is quite tiny, and cute.
That's my little one
by MandizzleKid September 26, 2010
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One easily shoved into a trashcan.
Bully 1: "He's not fitting in the trashcan!"
Bully 2: "Put the Little One in the trashcan then!"
by HW:) June 7, 2011
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A term used as affection from a male to a female.
Origin: Out of print album by Jon Luvelli titled, "Scratch".
"Sup little one, you lookin fine tonight."
by XXLmag September 1, 2008
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