An orange, flat cat that lays motionless by the road. Fathered by David, Little Kitty is both a source of amusement and sadness.
That sure looks like little kitty on the side of the road!!!
by computerpimp April 27, 2005
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The artist that started out as a duo (3 little kittys) and was swiftly turned into a solo project in witch the lead (mook kitty) takes on many projects such as *j.s.s*, *mibsk* and many more has been on the rise gaining as much as.... 82 monthly listeners at one point.
"Wow I love listening to 3 little kittys"
"Wow, You listen too 3 little kittys? Can we be friends?"
by Mook kitty July 10, 2023
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when one of ur friends takes a dump that is small and cute (resembling that of a kittie cat's poo) and duck tapes it to the hood of another friends car.
Dane: dude, brayden, whats wrong?
Brayden: that cunt jeremy planted a little kitti cacka on my fuckin car.
by vigz July 1, 2005
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