Sperm, semen, cum, jizz.
1. She sucked all day, she sucked all night, she sucked my dick till the shit turned white. -Colt 45, Afroman
by anarchyrules7 April 14, 2004
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You see that kid over there well hes gonna grow up to be a dictator of a dystopian city in the year 3000 he has enslaved half of europe and is a force to be reckoned with
Oh oo ii oo aa ting tang wasada bing bang os ppp Little jimmy
by Alitteralwall November 26, 2019
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Lead singer from the industrial-rock band Mindless Self Indulgence; born James Euringer; stage name often shortened to "Jimmy Urine."
Little Jimmy Urine? Can't I just say Jimmy?
by Alise December 25, 2003
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The effect which states that the younger a person is, the harder it is to criticize them because others expect them to be ignorant of what they did wrong. Either this or the young person knows about this concept and are just pretending to seem ignorant. This effect lessens the older a person becomes. This was first coined by the Youtuber Racoon Eggs.
My cousin broke my fucking laptop cause he wanted to see me get mad. He's not getting in trouble because of the damn little jimmy effect
by Harambe Glue February 24, 2018
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Lead singer and programmer for punk rock band "Mindless Self Indulgence". Sometimes shortened to "Jimmy Urine" or just "Jimmy".
Also suspected to be Jesus Christ reborn.
If I was gay...yeah, I'd do Little Jimmy Urine.
by Andrew D. Pratt January 12, 2009
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1. The lead singer of the band Mindless Self Indulgence
2. A really super hot guy with awesome hair and awesome clothes.
3. The apperant husband of Chantal Claret of the band Morningwood
4. God
I'd pay $100 to kiss that dude. Lucky me, it's only $1! Little Jimmy Urine is my god.
by skittles princess March 7, 2008
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