george: hey little jimmy how you feeling cause your gonna meet jill again tonight
by tyin the flesh March 12, 2017
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Lead Singer of Mindless Self Indulgence(One of the best bands in the world)
Little Jimmy Urine:
Amazing singer, Skinny, real name is James.
Incredibly hot.
Awesome hair.
by Katie,, February 02, 2008
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1. Crazy ass mothafucka

2. Frontman of amazing band Mindless Self Indulgence

3. Sexyass bitchface

4. Skinny, crazy, hot piece of ass
Little Jimmy Urine: "I'll be a dinosaur! A dipplodauchus to be exactamanundo!"
by anelhxcmsi August 16, 2008
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lead singer of the band "mindless self indulgence"

creepy anorexicly skinny man who likes to dress up in womans attire and sing songs about masturbation, five year olds and former presidents.
by bob January 10, 2004
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also known as little jimmy urine or the hotest guy ever, my husband, my lover, sexy hot babe with great hair!
no one can compare to him he is so wonderful!
by petals January 22, 2004
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Stage name of James Euringer. Who is some goofy lookin fag, front man, and most expendable member of mindless self indulgence. Many young female and male fans think there inlove with this silly looking man.
Little Jimmy Urine show me your penis.
by Colin Eff August 09, 2004
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