The act of covertly sniffing a finger that has been inserted into a woman's vagina while making out for the purpose of determining if it is safe to proceed to oral sex.
I was going to munch her box, but I ran a litmus test, and it came back positive for stank, so I just bagged it and tagged it.
by Vinceums November 23, 2003
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The act of following a questionable male or female to a public restroom to determine his/her actual gender.
"Chris" wore clothes that either sex could wear, had a haircut considered tolerable of both genders, and a voice that's indistinguishable between an angel or a scruffy Southerner. So Joe did the ol' litmus test and followed Chris to the office's bathroom.
by DoctorGrey October 16, 2004
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The act of masturbating before deciding whether or not you will make social contact with a girl. Performing this test lets you make sure you're thinking with the correct head before proceeding to talk-to/meet-with a girl that you would otherwise regret making contact with.
After doing a jerkoff litmus test I realized that more than half of the female contacts in my phone are worthless.
by jerkoff_tester December 3, 2012
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