When you're a fish and you need to mate, so you swim up stream to find a
Some tropical fussy.
by Troutlover69420 February 12, 2021
Like a pussy or bussy, but for merpeople. A fish pussy.
Gonna sink my sub in that mer-bro’s fussy tonight at high tide under a full moon.
by delicateflower94 February 25, 2021
Fish pussy.
Found in the Tommyinnit morph mod video.
Wilbursoot: I need to travel up stream to find some FUSSY
slimesicle: FUSSAAYYYYY
by lolyournameisntascoolasmine February 17, 2021
Combination of foot and pussy: A vagina-like formation made by putting ones bare feet together, intending for it to be penetrated.
She knows about my foot fetish so she left me fuck her fussy.
by NUT_MASTER December 12, 2020
A term used to describe the genitalia of a female fish. It replaces the beginning letter of "pussy" with an 'F'.
"I've had quite enough fussy for today."
by nonchalant fuckbag January 22, 2021
Carribean slang (particularly people from Barbadoes) for "happy;" during an old interview, Rihanna defined the meaning of this word in Bajan culture
She fussy about she Grammy nomination *Bajan accent*
by OneLove_Fenty January 16, 2015
After reeling it in, Saus put his fingers in the fussy.
by veganpingers July 6, 2020