The act of a woman sitting on someones shoulders backwards while the person on the bottom has their tongue in the woman's pussy.
my girlfriend couldn't reach the jar so I put her on my shoulders and we had to link-up so she didn't fall.
by Geoffy Geoff May 24, 2011
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Linkups is a very short, fat, and a fairly similar looking to Adviser. The Linkups is a very sketchy mineman. He try’s to blame it all on his connection before he could even get hacksusated in the first place. He also try’s to convince people he knows things about Minecraft latency like some kind of copy of Tenebrous.
Opponent: *gets sketch hit* OH thAt HiT wAS CauSe oF mY 200+ pINg. ThAT is How LaTeNcY WOrKs
Me: This guy is a Linkups. Also stfu nobody asked dumbass.
by Linkups July 28, 2019
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