A beautiful girl that is always there for others. She deserves the world and is one of the most amazing person you’ll ever meet. She is powerful and an intellectual. She is super smart and will deck anyone that hurts her friends. She is loyal to the people she cares about and once she trusts you, it will be one of the best things that have ever happened to you. She is someone that will protect you with her life and she will never give you a reason to doubt her. If you meet a Lindsy, cherish her. She will always be there for you as long as you treat her with respect and listen to what she’s going through. If you are kind to her, she will be someone that you can trust with her life.
“That girl is so sweet, she must be a Lindsy.”
“I can always count on Lindsy to be there for me.”
by Neptune01 October 23, 2019
An amazing person, with a great personality. Is known for having such grace and kindness in her heart. Not to mention extremly sexy ;)
Man, that girl is so Lindsy, she makes me jizz... in my pants.

I wish I was more Lindsy, then everyone would like me.

If I was Lindsy, I could rule the world.

by Ted Faunt January 14, 2009
The most amazing, cool, nice person you can ever meet. You can always go to her with your problems and she'll be there to help you out. Everyone loves her.
Look it's Lindsie!
by Loveable Directioner February 19, 2013
a girl who is hotter than the flames of hell, she's like a raspberry soccer ball.
Damn! Look at her, she's like a Lindsie.
by thumbelllllina March 7, 2009
An amazingly beautiful woman. Often the best girlfriend you will ever have and you will know it! She has the most perfect boobs with just the right nipples and an ass that you can't stop grabbing. But most importantly when she smiles onlookers may die a little inside knowing that its not for them just for her boyfriend.
Damn, that girl is almost "Lindsi" Status!
by wearefinite March 2, 2010
she's a cutie but she's smart(or at least somewhat), sweet, a crackhead, and very pretty. she pulls most of the guys and shes half-hoe. thick in every way ;)
him: damn man its lindsy

guy 2: we dated but she ended it for a different guy

Lindsy: hey cuties hows your day

all the boys: :::)))))))
by baby.come.my.way January 31, 2020
The habitual opening of ones mouth spewing bullshit statements using the words never,always,and not in this life time, I don't see it happening. Then having to publicly recant having to remove ones foot from ones mouth about the prior statement.
"The Lindsy curse"
I will never get married ,I don't see it happening in this lifetime again I always said I don't want or believe in falling in love. then

Then 5 mos later I am in love!!!!! then 7 mos Later I got married
by sick_goul February 19, 2010