Only the hottest of the hoes get a man/boy named Lincon. Lincon’s are the sexiest, hottest, most amazing men of all time. Only people who are absolutely smoking hot get named Lincon.
Pretty bitch - “My hot bf, Lincon, is calling me”
Bitch who can’t get Lincon’s hot butt - “Your bfs name is Lincon!?”
by Boy named Lincon November 7, 2021
This happens when a man shoots his cum on the girls face, letting it run down her chin. Then he throws his pubic hair on her chin, creating the beard.
Steve-" Hey John, I just gave your sister the Abe Lincon!"

John- " Thats messed up man. I was wondering why she was using my razor this morning."
by B0H1CA July 28, 2009
when a person shaves off there own genital hair and glues it to a person chin (trying to resemble abrahams beard) using semen.
Samantha: whats all this hair on my face.
Bob: You got Abraham Linconed Bitch
Samantha: Ill fucking kill you.
by Todd Bennison October 9, 2006
Lincon-come on guys im not that smart Us- oh shut the fuck up just dont forget us when ever you take over the entire world
by BatmanIsSimba March 2, 2022