2 definitions by B0H1CA

This happens when a man shoots his cum on the girls face, letting it run down her chin. Then he throws his pubic hair on her chin, creating the beard.
Steve-" Hey John, I just gave your sister the Abe Lincon!"

John- " Thats messed up man. I was wondering why she was using my razor this morning."
by B0H1CA July 28, 2009
This is a sequence of 8 positions, but pulled together it becomes the DREAM SEQUENCE.

First you start in with Doggy Style. Next you move into the Wheel Barrel, then the Lawn Mower. From there you need to move into the Snow Plow. The next position is the Pterodactyl. The Hudini will follow that. Then you need to go into the Angry Pirate. To finish it all off you need to do the Abe Lincon.

When a man complets all of these in a row, with out stoping, he has preformed the DREAM SEQUENCE.
Bryan- " Dude I just pulled the Dream Sequence on this smoking hot chick last night, while listening to Steel Panther."

J.P- "Dude, no way were you able to pull that off."

Bryan- "Bro I really did, I got it all on video to prove it."
by B0H1CA July 28, 2009