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The act of sitting on a woman's twat and taking a long, stiff, preferably brown stool directly into her vagina until she orgasms.
Timmy: I just gave my girlfriend a lincoln logging last night

Robert: Her vagina probably smells like shit!
by theallknowingnostradamus February 25, 2011
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Much like running a train, you and your friends take turns defecating on a girl's chest and stomach region until some type of crude structure is formed by the feces.
After feeding her ungodly amounts of booze, I was finally able to convince her to let me and my friends do some Lincoln-Logging in her dorm room.
by eops November 01, 2009
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When 5 or more black men get in a close circle and stack all of their penises on top of one another, similar to the kids toy.
Lincoln logging is a very popular past time in the hood.
by T.P. for my bunghole October 24, 2017
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