Something, some place, a picture, or even a video game feels so ominous yet so nostalgic. You think that you've been there before, but your brain weirdly denies it.
The Backrooms is an example of a Liminal space
by 144p CESAR_TORRES April 29, 2022
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A picture of video that feels off or has an ominous feeling to it yet nostalgic at the same time, like we ll have been there before.
Anka: "Hey I found this picture, it feels off but familiar."
Kurtis: "Yes, that's a liminal space."
by The Backrooms March 29, 2022
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A photo/place that triggers otherworldly feelings, normally it is nostalgia and/or feeling unnerved.
“Something is a little off of this place, it’s feel like it should be an everyday hotel but it feels like a liminal space.”
by Ocsyt May 5, 2022
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Something that makes me cry. It mostly reminds people of their childhood.
Did you see that liminal space I sent you?? It made me reek of nostalgia.
by WeezerWithWeezy January 15, 2022
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A place that seems familiar or in a dream that is devoid of any humans.
Think of the Backrooms, thats an example of Liminal spaces.
by haha yez September 29, 2023
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