Dreamcore (or also known as a subcategory in Weirdcore) is an aesthetic that is based around bizarre imagery and objects. It heavily relies on nostalgic things, or places you feel you may have seen in the past. A large part of this aesthetic is based around Liminal Spaces, and the unnerving feelings that come with them. They can be disturbing, off-putting, or confusing to the viewer. Cursed images may be similar, but do not get them confused. Some Dreamcore isn't always unnerving, sometimes it could be a feeling similar to what you feel in your dreams, that includes the different categories that people feel in their dream's as well, (like warmth, nostalgia, loneliness, comfort, or greyness).
Dreamcore always ends up giving me this odd feeling in my body, like maybe I'm missing or forgetting something? Maybe I've seen this before? Is it comforting? Is it not? Am I lonely? Why is it so unnerving? It's not always the same.
by Toips? February 22, 2021
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A subcategory of a liminal space were instead of a normal liminal space it is more abstract and supposed to represent dreams. Dreams are normally bright, strange, which work well with liminal photos because it still gives you a sense of nostalgia, and also a sense of dread since it might remind of a nightmare. This subcategory of a liminal space is often mistaken for weirdcore.
Person 1: “Wow this liminal space looks like something from my dream!”
Person 2: “Well that’s because it’s a dreamcore image!”
by Ocsyt May 5, 2022
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Dreamcore is another chip tune like style. But Dreamcore uses high notes and death screams. It was made by a teenager who was mucking around with pulseboy one day and decided that high pitched sounds with scream sounded cool, with the help of his friend they created Dreamcore.
P1.Hey that sounds cool. It sounds like a dude on drugs having a dream.

P2. Lol does sound cool.

P1. Should be called Dreamcore
by Terradude September 17, 2012
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Dreamcore is a surrealist image based aesthetic that simulates dream like qualities. Similar to weirdcore, this aesthetic shows images that seem both familiar and illogical at the same time which may cause some people to have dissociation but some people welcome the dreaminess of the images

~Outfit portion~
An outfit made out of entirely purple umbrellas
A swirly yellow head piece, a sunny corset, rubber dish gloves and a cage skirt
Everything by Iris Can Herpen will do

Until next time!
Girl 1: wait, this image looks like the surroundings i saw in my dream last night!
Girl 2: Thats cause its a Dreamcore image!
by StereotypicalSarah May 3, 2023
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