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Lilly Singh is a popular comedian, YouTuber, entertainer, actress, raper, and singer. She has over 1 billion views on YouTube and over 9,000,000 subsribers! Her movie, A Trip To Unicorn Island, premiered at the TCL Chinese Theaters in Hollywood, CA. She completed a world tour, has her own lipstick, and billboards in NYC, LA, and The Six (Toronto). She has also appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show an featured in magazines such as Seventeen and Vouge India.
OMG, did you see Lilly Singh's billboard in New York?
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by xharjodhx June 14, 2016
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an amazing human being who is obssesed with unicorns (like herself) and makes YouTube videos using her stage name iiSUPERWOMANii and she made a movie (im so proud *happy tears) :')
person: are you going to lilly Singh's tour in Dubai
Another person: nahh my parents said they can't stand 2 hour in the car
by unigurl za queen June 26, 2016
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Lilly Singh is a famous Canadian blogger who's internet fame brought her many opportunities such as her very own movie called A Trip To Unicorn Island ( at2ui) ad also more than 1 billon views on her main youtube channel ( iiSuperwomanii). Lilly aka superwoman calls her viewers Unicorns and makes videos that are funny and also have a meaning to them. She has recently moved to LA and auditions frequently for acting rolls.
OMG lilly Singh is literally the best person alive!! I love you Lilly!!

Mother Unicorn has taught me a lot thank you!

Fellow Unicorns , let's jut take a moment to see wht the queen Unicorn has acomplished well done Lilly ! ;) 😘
by Micky Taryn August 09, 2016
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Lilly Singh, most commonly known as Superwoman, is an Indian-Canadian YouTube Star. With over 7 million subscribers on her normal channel and more than a million on her v-log channel, she is one of the most popular YouTubers. Her videos are mainly about her life, her parents, her experiences, and situations she has been in. She currently lives in Los Angeles after moving from Toronto.
OMG did you see Lilly Singh's new video? Lilly Singh is such an amazing comedian!
by The Chewbacca Girl October 07, 2016
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Lilly Singh is a YouTube comedian, motivational speaker, and huge inspiration to anyone struggling with depression or just someone who needs a laugh. She is obsessed with Skittles, popcorn, and occasionally asparagus. She likes sharks, beaches, and oranges as well. She recently had a world tour called a trip to unicorn island. She also uploaded her new movie, also called Unicorn Island, available exclusively on YouTube Red. One of her most common works is dressing up as her Sikh parent in a comedic/realistic way. She also collaborated with many Youtubers, FouseyTUBE and Colleen Ballinger ( Miranda Sings)being her most common guests for skits. She also does daily vlogs and goes by the name superwoman.(IISuperwomanII)
Omg, I love Lilly Singh, she is gorgeous and one day I will meet her. Lilly is one of the best you tubers ever! She is just so inspiring *sniff* and I... I just... *Crys* i can't...
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by BruhBruhRAWRRR September 19, 2016
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a comedian author a youtube star and who plays very big part of my life and over 13 million people she is very amazing (and she is very smart...not like jake Paul)
Lilly singh is a youtube star who is amazing
by emmie6416 June 02, 2018
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A youtuber who has been known to make fake mean comments and make a whole video on it. She also likes to make fun of white people, men, and anyone who slightly dislikes her. If you have literally any opinion she doesn’t agree with, she’ll hate you, like trump? Well in her mind you are a racist, sexist, homophobic, kkk member who beats children. She is as funny as amy schumer, she tries too hard to be funny while never making a funny joke.
Person 1: Did you see that new Lilly singh video?
Person 2: No, what is it?
Person 1: Well she made a fake mean comment and made a whole video about it.
Person 2: How do you know that it’s a fake comment?
Person 1: The name was blurred out, there was no profile pic, no likes or dislikes, plus it looks nothing like an actual comment.
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by Big Papa Jew October 28, 2018
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