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Almost always short in stature which is a key feature for a Lilee. Also, a very hyper-being that can suck you energy out of you very quickly.
God you're such a Lilee
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She is funny, kind, caring and probably the coolest person you will ever stumble upon. She has many goals and dreams in which she knows she can accomplish. She loves partyin' with her friends, or even just kickin back and takin it easy watchin some movies. She can be wild and crazy, or calm and content. Either way, she's the type of person you should definitely get to know! Lily is a bit crazy at times. A sweet person enjoyed by others. Beautiful, intelligent, strong and pure of heart, she lights up the room when she smiles. Always tries to do what she thinks is best and encourages others to do the same in order to make the world a better place
by Thatiswhatido July 01, 2018
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Kind, Awesome, and loves being around people. Never lies and is always with her best friends. Never wants to be alone and is there for anyone. She's the bestie your going to want.
Lilee will always going to be your friend.
by THIS GURL May 02, 2019
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