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Somebody who you think is being mean with you but you keep playing wit them
Friend: takes your hot Cheetos

Me: “you lil hoe” laughs it off
by lil_meme November 03, 2019
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Treating every relationship like it’s your last and getting super serious with someone you just started dating.
Person 1: who tf is that new chick w alex?
Person 2: idk he's been apocalypsing like crazy
by Plenty of Fish November 10, 2020
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The most badass bitch ever. That one girl that is hot as hell and the absolute coolest. Every chick wishes they could be her and every guy wishes they could be with her. Her suitors are lined up around the block just hoping for a chance with her. If you are lucky enough to get a shot, better not blow it cause you'll never get another.
Every man dreamed of being with Kristi, she was Lil' Hoe don't ya know?
by Lil' Hoe February 11, 2019
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