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a word to describe a mixed race or light skinned person .. some ppl take it to offence though
oh my days .. whos that lighty over there :O
by nynynyesha October 10, 2010
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A boy/girl who thinks they're prestige. They also tend to reply in their own time and they get gassed quite easily. They are normally light skinned but you can get lighties who aren't light skin. Oh, and they're normally good looking too (or think they are). The SDA denomination of Christianity is also populated with them so if you want one, you know where to look.
Boy 1: Oiii fam, look at that buff lighty

Boy 2: Snm, I already grabbed her digits bruv
Boy 1: You're gassing! Skn, what's her name tho?
Boy 2: Enya, but she bare thinks she runs the world

Boy 1: That's the problem with lighties boi
by avacadoaj May 27, 2015
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1)South African slang for a young person.

2)South African slang for someone who tries to act big but unfortunately cannot .
1)Awwww that little lighty is so cute.

2) Yoh check this lighty trying to pull these girls .
by Pizzasexymerch November 28, 2016
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Scottish slang.
When the sun has not quite set at night or when it has started to rise first thing in the morning.
Here, we've been oot that lang its pure lighty!
by Ryan13 June 26, 2007
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Lucy; dim light; small light
nickname often used by Erik to refer to Lucy.

There isn't enough light in my room!

Dude, you should at least get a lighty. It doesn't give off much light, but that's what makes it so cool.


Lighty is awesome!

Who's that?


by LjHs October 05, 2007
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