1. A fictional weapon from Star Wars, which resembles a sword, with the longer part glows.
2. A term used when the like/dislike bar in a video (usually Youtube) resembles a lightsaber, due to its shape. It should at least have a couple dislikes in a video with a good amount of likes to make one, and vice versa.
3. A slang for a penis.
1. My dad just bought me a lightsaber.
2. Dude, Hans' video just got some sort of lightsaber.
3. Oh my.... your lightsaber is that big!
by LY Lee November 09, 2016
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When two guys put on glow in the dark condoms and hit smack their dicks against each other's dicks until one is sliced off, ultimately resulting in wining the heart of a lady
I won a lightsaber battle with joe last night and now Taylor Swift is my girlfriend
by October 31, 2020
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When you are using a fluorescent condom on a half-hard penis to move it in circulars moves. You also can turn off your lightsaber by giving a hip impulsion to throw your penis to your back, between the thighs and then quickly tighten your legs
I couldn't have a good erection to fuck this girl so, instead, I do lightsabering
by PigeonCorp December 05, 2019
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When you have a blue lightsaber and you ripstart your ass so hard you bleed. Then the mix of the blood and the blue lightsaber turns it purple. This is the unknown reason of why Mace Windoo has a purple lightsaber.
Luke: How does he have a purple lightsaber?
Yoda: That is the product of the mighty lightsaber ripstart
by RipStartGod May 03, 2020
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Phrase made by the popular HEMA swordfighting practicioner commonly known as Shadiversity on youtube. The phrase is used when a weapon in movies and TV shows easily penetrates armor.
"How did that sword pierce through the Roman soldier's armour, it cut through it like butter!"
-"Many movies mistake the strenghts of an armour, this is what you call the lightsaber syndrome."
by MudracFuidji November 02, 2020
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When two Asian proceed to whip out their penises and fight, the Jedi way.
Asian 1: Bro! Luke just kissed his sister? That so heterosexual!
Asian 2: Wanna have a Siamese Lightsaber Battle?
by Dick Clicker September 20, 2018
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