Whilst taking a girl from the back, sexually, you reach behind your back with a tazer, tazing your penis. Simultaneously shocking the both of you. Done correctly, the lightning strike will occur at the peak of orgasm.
I need to get some D batteries at the store, Jan's coming over tonight and we're gonna do the Lightning Strike.
by Dwalan November 20, 2011
When taking a shit on a conventional toilet, and the poo breaks the surface of the water but is still connected to your anus.
They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. But I just had back to back lightning strikes in the shitter.
by Bazza from down Under February 19, 2019
A slang term for snorting lines of cocaine
Yo im all geeked up from taking some lightning strikes
by strikeripper1101 October 16, 2009
Where one wets a balloon and rolls it in animal hair and while wearing socks statically charges the balloon, using the balloon as a condom and blowing the balloon up with air at the same time, shocking out come and spreads the bitch out.
The wife said our sex life was boring so i surprised her with a "Hairy Lightning Strike" last night... she wants a divorce and is taking the kids.
by xXsexbaloonXx October 7, 2020