Apparently, a lot of people lack them. Somewhat a necessity for human life, tho many MANY people live on with only half of one.
wow you have no braincells
by reilei February 17, 2019
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An incel who believes they can't get laid because their brain is physically too large
Immanuel Kant: Bro I'm telling you this gargantuan fucking head of mine, it's like an overripe canteloupe, no one will ever want to fuck me, I'm such a braincel
Friend: how do you even come up with this stuff
by Ergodic Hypercube August 22, 2021
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those things that nobody has
Person 1: I need help with homework, can you help me on this one question?
Person 2: I don't have the braincells for that
by your local dumbass September 26, 2020
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The one brain cell all Fanders have to share
Hey, can I borrow the fander braincell? I need to cook dinner.
by Lucario36 June 3, 2020
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Your two last brain cells are fighting for 3rd place
What’s happening to Em?
Oh they have gladiator braincells
by EmiAndArrow April 24, 2023
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To be in sync with somebody - when you do/say the same things at the same time
"..I got B on the test"

"Same here, but why are our answers almost the same? We sit at the opposite sides of the classroom??"

"..a carrot" "..a carrot"
"Can you two stop and try not to do 1 braincell with each other??"
by jula_urbaneq May 27, 2020
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