A communication system where people can create servers and invite little kids to have some fun and chat.
boi_dab: Hey wanna join my Discord server
d46: ok fam
boi_dab: ok lets roleplay

These were d46's last words
by CrimsonBandit January 22, 2019
An app which is a chat for gamers. They caused Skype and Teamspeak to go extinct. Most communities are nice. They are gaming related, anime related, book related, or from anything else on the internet.

There are also sketchy channels that do porn, drug deals, pedophilia, and conspiracy. Just don't go on those channels or you most likely see something you wish you didn't.
Discord: Omae wa moi shindeiru!

Skype and Teamspeak: NANI?!
by TheExtremeEvoker August 13, 2018
Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP application and digital distribution platform designed for video gaming communities, that specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in web browsers
"Ay yo wanna talk on discord"
by obamalizardman December 27, 2018
The fucking best voice and text client in the world.
U on Discord tonight bro?
by Nevexo February 15, 2017
An online platform where you can chat with random strangers, people spent 100$ On Discord Nitros wich is sad.

Also don't fell in love with someone you met on discord.
Juju: Hey, I fell in love with a Discord E-girl
Jojo: Bro don't trust me
Juju: You jealous? no shit you are
Jojo: No bro trust me don't

*1 week later*

Juju: Bro my whole family got evicted because I maxed their credit card for my Discord E-girl who cheated on me 1 week after.
Jojo: Told you bro, told you
by SUSSY MAN XD XD July 14, 2021
A platform which allows people to communicate using both text and voice chat. Users can create their own community servers for free.
"Hey did you meet Bob the other day on that discord server?"
"Who uses teamspeak anyway, it's all about discord now!"
by TheRealFatAlbert June 8, 2017
An internet chat service similar to teamspeak and skype that enables people to create video and text chatrooms for free. Originally designed for gamers, the service now has a reputation for a thriving e-dating community and is the home of many e-girls.
"Bro, let's hop on Discord tonight."

"We've been dating for a few weeks now, we met on Discord."
by edups July 25, 2018