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(noun) The word for a human emotion seemingly native to the Philippines. While some attempts can be made, the english language cannot translate liget accurately and in a way that conveys its meaning in fullness. The emotion itself is also unknown to western, english speaking countries. The word liget can be best described as a sense of vitality, ability, energy, and power, strictly due to love of some sort.
Ever since David found out that Ryleigh likes him, he's been super liget and has been getting good grades on all of his assignments, and hasnt been complaining about working on any of it!
by iosvista June 08, 2017
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legit = legally acquired
liget = illegally acquired
Pirate: I got Windows 7!!11one
Nerd: I hope it's legitimately activated.
Pirate: Nope! It's liget!
by Terrum October 11, 2011
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Legal, somethin not stolen somethin clean.
Used in da dirty business often.
DeJy:Yo how much is this ride??
DeJy:nice, but is it liget?
Dave:hell yeah, ma friend is a cop and he cleaned it all baby..
by Greso January 19, 2008
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