A tattoo, usually located at the base of a female's (generally one of loose character) neck. Used to identify said female during heavy drug induced doggy style sex.
Chad was so stoned, the only way to he was able to remember the bitch was by her license plate.
by mjoblio May 31, 2004
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a tattoo located above the buttocks, generally spanning from one hip to the other

also termed as "Santa Cruz license plate"
Molly's pants were so low cut you could see the bottom of her license plate.
by m3g April 7, 2005
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The act of identifying or recognizing someone by looking at their ass.
"Jessica! is that you?"
"Hey Adam! I cut my hair, how did you recognize me?"
"Just with some license plating, no biggie"
by Jennifer Groin June 10, 2018
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A tattoo found on the small of a woman's back. Most commonly found among women in California, hence the name. Also known as bitch tat. It is often speculated that women with such tattoos may be undersexed nymphomaniacs or flat-out sluts.
Yo, I can see that chick's California license plate sticking out from her low-rise jeans
by M.C. Shithead April 22, 2005
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When someone spots a license plate that is either consists of a standard format or vanity plate & tries to decipher what it could translate to.
To kill time while I am driving, I like to find license plates that I can translate into acronym definition or determine what the douchebag was trying to define, I call it License Plate Translation.

I saw GOOD BFD & figured it may have meant, Good Big Fucking Dick or perhaps GOOD Bad Food Diet... although both are almost as lame.
by GlazeHer June 30, 2016
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(n)-The type of language used on license plates in which some words may be shortened in order to fit to correctly display the message the owner of the car may be trying to get across.


-Hey, what does that say?

''It says I love you two. It's license plate language.''
by bamaboy2251 June 26, 2009
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Also known in California as a tramp stamp. Or target as to where a man would shoot his load.
Damn that bitches tramp stamp is awesome. or Look at the target on her. also known as a california license plate
by TOUC September 5, 2009
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