Least recognized/ obsessed with One Direction member. Liam has the least number of dirty fan fictions written about him. He is normally found being a "good friend" or "leader of the group" or "most mature". There is a small fan base for Liam Payne led by tween girls and girls with low self esteem. Liam is has a taste for brunettes and is most likely to end up with an ex-prostitute who is only there for his money. If Liam wasn't a teenage billionaire, people would have a reason to feel bad for him.
Teenage Girl 1: I love Harry!
Teenage Girl 2: I love Louis!
Teenage Girl 3: I love Niall!
Teenage Girl 4: I love Zayn!

Tween Girl: I love Liam Payne!

Teenage Girls: Oh honey, you're new to this, aren't you?
by Blacklace Hotness August 10, 2013
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the name of júlia's (@douxversace on twitter) boyfriend.
Júlia and Liam Payne are a beautiful couple!
by julias January 08, 2021
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This person, Liam Payne is the most adorable human I've ever met. He's so caring, funny amazing and in general per-fect. (I HAD TO OK) He's criminally underrated. stream lp1 besties !
person 1: do you know liam payne?
person 2: oh the one from one direction? Yeah! I love his music
person 1: RIGHTTTTTTTTT remember and midnight are my favs but they're all bangers!
by elle.tomlinson February 21, 2021
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Daddy direction! His music is good and deserves more streams. If you don't listen to Payno what are you doing in you life? He was apart of the biggest boyband on the planet (One Direction) and went on to release an album and a single with Dixie D'amelio. Everybody should listen to his music because he has amazing vocals. He also co-wrote many amazing 1D songs like Better than Words and Diana!

(his career kinda went *flop* after 1D tbh)
Person 1: Have you heard of Liam Payne?
Person 2: Oh yeah, the guy who heavily contributed to One Directions success?
Person 1: Yeah! That guy.
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by Stan Louis Tomlinson!! February 05, 2021
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Liam Payne is a former member of the band One Direction. He is always happy even though he has been through a lot in his life. Liam is more than just a hot body, he is always smiling and making people happy. Payno (his nickname) is one of the most underrated celebrities even though he stays positive and out of drama. He deserves way more recognition than what he gets. When he was younger he had koutaliaphobia (fear of spoons). He also loves dinosaurs. All in all everyone should love Liam Payne, he deserves it.
Kid 1: " Who is Liam Payne?"
Kid 2: " Liam Payne is an amazing singer who is always smiling and staying positive!"
Kid 1: "Wow! He sounds awesome"
Kid 2: "Yeah,, he is :)"
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by onedirectionloves April 20, 2021
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he is one of the most wonderful persons out there. he's caring, loving, sweet, hot as fuck, amazing and kind. liam did a really big impact in one direction with his song writing and vocals and he is now doing amazing as a solo artist. watching or listening to liam gives you so much happiness it's indescribable. liam's fanbase is also really really strong and loving, just like the man himself.
Friend: Omg who's this amazing singer?
Me: Oh it's Liam Payne with his song Remember :)
by olivialovesliam March 02, 2021
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he acts like a cute little puppy and we all know him and love him
im in love with liam payne
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by bobthebuilderfan May 08, 2021
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