This gorgeous boy? Oh yeah hes only 1/5 of One Direction, DADDY DIRECTIONER, hates spoons and LOOOVES turtles. Is dating Danielle Peazer but is secretly married to Hayley Andros. He is so smexxxy(:
Liam Payne is a sexy mother fucker
by Mrs. Liam Payne March 23, 2012
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A 27 year old man from Wolverhampton with the most adorable smile who never fails to make us feel save, loved, and valid.
"Liam Payne is the cutest and sweetest man alive"
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by paynoxL December 02, 2020
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Liam Payne is the most beautiful human being to ever walk this Earth. He has a heart of gold and is just a big teddy bear. Whenever you talk to him you just get lost in his eyes. He’s funny, and soo underrated in the music industry. He deserves the world and if you ever have the pleasure of dating him, treat him like a God, which is the only rightful way to treat him. He is an angel sent from the heavens.
Person 1- “Dude I met Liam Payne, oh my gosh he it’s so retarded”

Person 2- “Treat people with kindness my ass, we’re doing this the tommo way! Liam Payne is amazing!”
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by Vas happenin October 27, 2020
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Liam James Payne is the cutest and most kind hearted person in this whole entire universe. His body can look pretty scary sometimes, but he has the most precious personality ever. Liam always makes sure that everyone else is okay. You can’t not love him.
Who‘s the best idol?
It’s Liam Payne
by Liam is the best November 10, 2020
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Liam Payne has a 10.2 inch cock
you never knew you needed that information but you do.
Liam Payne/One Direction stan in public:10.2!!
Everyone around them: ALL LIAM NO PAYNE
by payne_chain June 25, 2020
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Least recognized/ obsessed with One Direction member. Liam has the least number of dirty fan fictions written about him. He is normally found being a "good friend" or "leader of the group" or "most mature". There is a small fan base for Liam Payne led by tween girls and girls with low self esteem. Liam is has a taste for brunettes and is most likely to end up with an ex-prostitute who is only there for his money. If Liam wasn't a teenage billionaire, people would have a reason to feel bad for him.
Teenage Girl 1: I love Harry!
Teenage Girl 2: I love Louis!
Teenage Girl 3: I love Niall!
Teenage Girl 4: I love Zayn!

Tween Girl: I love Liam Payne!

Teenage Girls: Oh honey, you're new to this, aren't you?
by Blacklace Hotness August 10, 2013
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He was a member of the once biggest boy group of all time called One direction. His career flopped after and only got one hit song strip that down.
“who’s liam payne?!” “oh he’s that member of one direction no one favorited
by lovekensparkles2 January 02, 2021
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