Leyla is a beautiful young girl. Just one look at a Leyla and she can make your jaw fall to the ground. That girl is gorgeous! Leyla has a cute innocent smile, and is a shy girl with a big warm heart! The kind of girl you'd take home to meet your mother. Leyla has long brown hair, a soft cute face, with an endearing voice that will make you fall in love over and over again every time she says something to you. If you hurt a leyla, it's a big loss for you because that's the best girl you'll ever meet in your entire life.
Damn.. i'm so in love with Leyla!
by tstar543 December 10, 2017
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Leyla is an ambitious, pretty, charismatic girl who usually has dark hair and dark eyes. She is intelligent and has a knack for essay based subjects such as English, History, Geography, Religious Education, Psychology and Biology.

Leyla doesn't give a fuck what people think about her and will cut you off in the snap of a finger if you disrespect her. Leyla is only loyal to people who are loyal to her. She isn't loyal to people who are fake.

Leyla often dresses in black, listens to metal/rock/rap/alt, is quite dirty minded, sexy and an amazing kisser!
I love Leyla so much. She's so funny and inspiring. Sad we no longer talk though :(
by ILoveLeyla October 21, 2020
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Leyla is a gorgeous girl with the best smile and personality ever. She always makes people around her feel safe and happy. She is always on top of her academic work and is very disciplined (always gets the highest grades). Yet she is the most active in the friend group; if she could- she would arrange a road trip every week to another city. She's really "woke" and always has something deep to add to the conversation. She is also really emotional, and cries even when she's angry and arguing. She has so much love to give and it's really easy to fall in love with her. Toxic trait: can never make the first move and keeps it unnecessarily lowkey when she has a crush. So if you like her TELL HER cuz lol she probably has feelings for you too!
Shaley: Omg did meet Leyla ?!
Cindy: who?
Shaley: She's in our seminar group, you should totally meet her she's so nice!
by starstruckby December 12, 2020
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Leyla, she’s the most wonderful person you could ever meet. She’s kind, wonderful, and extremely beautiful. Leyla is truly a one of a kind type of person and she gets along with everyone super easily and loves to talk and watch Tik Toks. You and her could spend hours at a time talking to each other and things would never get boring with her. (Leyla’s also really really like bagels;D)
Kass: Yo Jasmine guess who I just met today???
Jasmine: Who? Tell meeee
Kass: I just met Leyla she’s soooooo nice
Jasmine: Leyla? Oh yeah she’s the best she’s so funny.
by muffins;) November 30, 2019
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An awesome girl. Funny, smart, pretty. Found in coffee shops and cool bars. Likes great music. Writes really well.
Totally NOT a hipster.
Brunette, loveable, a great girlfriend and friend to have.
Named for the Eric Clapton song, and yes, she's heard the song before, so don't fucking ask her about it.
I just ran into Leyla, and now my day is totally awesome!


Leyla! You got me on my knees!
by FlorenceS January 20, 2010
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Super nice, funny, sweet. Likes to jump around and laugh a lot.

When she jumps around she thinks she is dancing.
Oh that girl is Leyla! Shes really funny, but dont let her dance.
by somebodyiusedtoknow361 February 12, 2013
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She is the most fun to hang around with and she will always be around for tough times, aye if you ask her who she likes she will probably tell you.But if she is an Aries then she is very lovable and she is a great friend and a good girlfriend. If she is Mexican she can act a little ghetto or rude. Leyla can speak up for others and is very trust worthy.
I just found out Leyla has a crush on me, and I think she is fineeeeeeee.
by AHAhahahaha Dont ask November 13, 2019
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