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A Shaley is a girl who can almost be described as perfect. She has a large mass of close friends who love and adore her. With her exciting and desired social life she is the main topic of conversation in a good way.

Not only is she incredibly beautiful, she has a personality that matches it perfectly. She's always nice to everyone no matter if it's her best friend or a total stranger she just met. If you ever met a Shaley you'd definitely know it as no one else compares. Sometimes she doesn't quite know just how amazing she is and denies it constantly.
Person 1: Dude, I'm dating Shaley!

Person 2: Ohmergawd, I am so jealous!
by Mindfucked Doctor Worm January 15, 2013
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A girl who is random, amazing and not a guy like the previous definition. Who likes degrassi, facebook, playing with her hair, and being cool. Someone that is better than the ordinary. Shaley is the name that you have to "add to dictionary" in word or on firefox because she's so awesome. She's original and looks good in all ways. You'll probably see a Shaley once in your life and you might not even know it. She's a go-getter in life. She loves the outdoor (sometimes) and loves to take pictures. Very creative and artistic. Stay True to herself as much as possible. Shaley is Hardcore. Pronounced (Shay-lee) and if pronounced any other way then that girl doesn't fit into this definition.
"Man did you see that chick?" "Yeah, that's Shaley. She is amazing.
by Shaleyisamazing. August 11, 2010
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