To party uncontrollably. Often shouted before entering the club.
Zac:Sound the charge.

by sneakaround July 22, 2011
To party ridiculously hard with the sole purpose of reaching a state of inebriation, playing alcohol related games, and engaging in wild sexual acts.
"Yo are you going to Franks tonight?"
"Fuck yea. Lets rage tonight."

"I raged SO hard last night that I woke up naked in the basement of the library with a used condom on."

by September 23, 2009
Fireing off double middle fingers at the responsibilities we have, in turn letting them rage. Like squirting lighter fluid on the fire that is our lives.

Imagine your workspace is completely full of files you have to sort out. now, instead of filing the files on your desk you say fuck it, and fake your own death and never worry about files again.
Guy 1: hey Bill, do you wanna hit the gym with me later
Bill: Nah, I'm letting it rage

Frankie: Yo Bill, did u finish your taxes yet?
Bill: No way dude, I'm letting my taxes rage this year
by COLEDRAGON October 13, 2015