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While performing oral sex on a woman, make letters of the alphabet with your toung and have her guess what they are.
I played the alphabet game on Suzie last night and she guessed every one.
by DaddyDave August 23, 2007
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While having sex with a girl, have her say the alphabet from a to z without moaning at all. The common thing to do is to toy around with the speed and what not to make it more difficult. you can reverse roles and have the girl give you oral etc.
"Me and Jane played the alphabet game last night. she did bad which means i was good"
by peyton hilinger March 8, 2010
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the aphabet game is where you have sex with someone in a different place, starting with a each letter from A-Z.
Alphabet game:

A - aeroplane

B - bouncy castle

C - cave

by $£X¥ June 30, 2014
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The alphabet game. Where you have to sleep, date, or hook up with the first letter of the guys or girls name and try to make it to the letter Z as fast as you can or if it’s a competition get to Z first.
Example: I have already been through Alex, Brad, Chase, Dan, Ethan, Fred, Geoffrey, Henry, Ian, Jake, Kaleb, and Lukas so far. How far have you gotten through The Alphabet Game?
Example: I have already been through with Alexa, Brittany, Cassandra, Denise, And Emma so far. How far have you gotten?
by THEONEOFMANY:0000 December 4, 2020
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