Dumb way to say "Let me use it" , used by nearly everyone, or anyone who doesn't know English
Friend: Let me see it!
Me: You're already seeing it
Friend: Let me use it!
by Faux NEus April 05, 2015
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Suggestion towards a stripper or female meaning to let me see your ass, titties, and pussy.
"Take it off bitch, Bend over, let me see it".

Dancer: Would you like a dance?
Dude: Yeah baby, Let me see it.
by Boo & Brasen March 15, 2009
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Another phrase for "let me see your penis". Mostly used by fathers who want to see their sons penis, but do not want to sound homosexual or pedophile like.
Cesar: Let me see the unit, Omar

Omar: No I'm not gay!
Cesar: C'mon, let me see it
Omar: No! What are you, a pedophile?
by igotplatts July 21, 2011
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