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Leonnia is a classy, well-mannered gal. She likes chubby squirrels and long, romantic walks to the bedroom. (Heh, heh...If you know what I mean.) She smells of spring time and happy. Her favorite pastime is creating artful masterpieces from barbed wire, owl pellets and the thousands of happy tears she's wiped from orphan's faces. You may recognize this beauty from her work as a stunt double in hits such as "Petal to the Metal" or "Peek a Knees." She also starred in the Tony Award-winning Broadway hit, alongside her studly co-star Ryan Boliver in, "B and Lala do Dallas." She now resides in Bora Bora with her life partner, working as a pole-dance instructor and training seeing-eye turtles for the visually impaired. If you do not know the one and only Leonnia, lay on the ground, curl into the fetal position, try not to cry, then cry...A lot.
"Have you seen that epic, new Leonnia flick? Man, I wish I was as stupendous as her."
by BumpyRooLoo December 28, 2015
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