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(noun) german name meaning Brave as Lion. Leonnard is the most wonderful and amazing guy you could ever meet. He is perfect in ever way and with each passing moment you will fall more and more in love with as you discover that he truly is the most unique and lovable person you have ever met. He is a truthful, honest person who is on a search from something special in life. he is very popular, incredibly funny, sexy beyond description and so sweet he'll make you feel like the most special girl in his life. He gives the greatest hugs, knows exactly what to say to cheer you up, kisses passionately and being in the same room as him will send shivers and tingles down your entire body. He is sincere, trustworthy and romantic, sexy. Many girls adore him because he's just so beautiful on the inside and outside. He searches for his soulmate, a lady he can trust, who will love him with all her heart. And she will know when she meets him. her heart tells her and her body feels weak with overwhelming feelings of joy. He is the man you know you want to marry because he's the man you love with each fiber of your body. You can't imagine life without him and no matter how much you say that, it can't reflect how you feel about Leonard. he has an adventurous spirit and loves sports, spending time with nature and spending quality time with his family and friends. He's someone you would love to go fishing with, hunting. everything. He's someone you love and he's and amazingly perfect perfect.
ex 1

guy 1: that guy is awesome. he's the best friend i've ever had. he would give his life for his mates! he's dope

guy 2: i know man, he's someone to look up to.

ex 2

girl 1: who is that amazing guy fishing and listening to his ipod?

girl 2: that's Leonnard... I am in love with him. completely

Leonnard will leave you breathless and in love with him. An amazing spirit, a beautiful soul, an amazing companion. He is the love that gives you faith in love.
by Old English Historics December 27, 2017
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