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Leonel is a very special person he's also very amazing the word amazing was made for Leonel and there is no people like leonel's their funny kind sooooo cuteeeeeee and perfect best friends/boyfriends you are totally lucky to end up with one as ur boyfriend they are one of the bestest people you could ever have and the pengest I feel sorry for people who don't know this amazing guy Leonel
Girl1: 'this guy is soooooooo hot his name must be Leonel''
Girl2:'yeah it is he's superrrr cutre too!'
by Leonellover11 July 31, 2017
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by Callmemaybe69 May 04, 2021
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the absolute perfect boy. he is amazing, makes you feel so important and treats you like a princess. he gives the best hugs and is an amazing kisser. don't get on his bad side tho and mess with the things he loves. he is very athletic and is amazing at everything he does. he often looks down on his self-thinking he is ugly and dumb even tho he is really not. a Leonel is so attractive. he is often shy with talking and nudes but tries to not be and fails. he is really hot. don't lose their trust because once you do they will never trust you again. don't let his shyness fool you tho he is pretty crazy once you get to know him. if you meet one dont let go
person 1: omg its leonel
person 2: damn he is actually perfect
by cake1212 September 26, 2018
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A confident and talented man, quick feet. Has amazing hand-eye-foot coordination, and will most likely make a fool out of you in any sport not called basketball (especially soccer). Also a common name for a king, probably because it is associated with the name Leo often given to lions who as we all know are the kings of the jungle.
guy #1: did you see Leonel?

guy #2: yeah, but where is the ball?
guy #1: in the goal.
guy #2: why is everyone laying on the ground?
by hotapple301 February 04, 2010
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leonel is often referred to as very cute/handosme and anyone that says otherwise is capping. word is hes a very good kisser we dont know though. leonel is very very soft and if you hurt him. youll have the gang on you. he doesnt thinks he’s beautiful, so you should tell him he is. because he is very beautiful. also full time icon and amazing person
person 1: on god people need to get on leonels level
person 2: i know right
person 3: *whispers* leonels a boss ass bitch
by joonspuckles May 01, 2020
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"Leonel" is a phrase used to identify nu metal gods
look at that fucking retard with the korn sticker on his mini cooper, fucking leonel
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by richardlawrence November 24, 2020
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