Something of a very low quality, a derogative word used mainly in Spain.
Vivo en la zona más cutre de Madrid.
(I live in the most Cutre neighborhood in Madrid)
by thekingofhell July 24, 2004
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Used to denote something as naff, brass, moist, rubbish, pants and crap all rolled into one word.
"That own brand stuff is cutre"

pronounced phonetically as Coo-Tray
by Bísclâitier August 17, 2006
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An eating utensil used on a camping trip, or specifically used for for outdoor activities, often used by people with lisps and other speaking disorders, or those that can't pronounce words correctly.
Please pass me a piece of cutrely so i can eat my dinner
by MarkusTreforusAmyus February 22, 2008
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