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The voice of heavy metal. Limited vocal range, but really... who gives a fuck? If Ronnie James Dio (technically a better singer) had sung with Sab from the beginning...
well you can kiss metal goodbye, dick.
I honestly don't give a flying fuck about "The Osbournes". Ozzy has become a scapegoat for druggies. And I give a huge, bony middle finger to all those people who say Ozzy is a washed up druggie.
Also released kickass solo albums (No More Tears is one of the heaviest things I've ever heard.)
He's the ozzman, what can I say...
by dude... February 26, 2005
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Gino....or Geno....either way...depends from wher u live......this is canada.....
Lendle loves gino (geno) beats and wears tight clothing....u dont wanna see him....its like space food....(before eating).....
by dude... April 7, 2005
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Lisgar is what you call a cheap school...everything is either stolen from other schools (books) or just old...computers are pentium 1 (P1), windows 98 and really gay...
omg sooo gay.....sounds gay too....and lisgar lions???? like wtf....lisgar pigs seems to be better.....
by dude... April 7, 2005
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The new coming of metal. Leviathan is fucking amazing. Extremely talented. The vocalists do some scream/singing, but they do it with insane talent. The drummer is unbelievable. The guitarist is pretty good, he is not exceptional, but I wouldn't want any more out of it.
Any person with have a musical brain could tell that THIS IS THE NEW FUCKING COMING OF METAL!
by dude... March 2, 2005
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Yeah okay great. I hate Velvet Revolver. They will never, ever, ever amount to anything Guns N' Roses have ever done. Ever. The Velvets apparently "Want to bring some danger and grime back in rock n' roll". It has already been done, and by... you guessed it, Guns N' Roses. I hate Scott Weiland, and Slash is not even trying anymore. Have you noticed how fucking similar the riff to 'Fall to Pieces' is to 'Sweet Child O' Mine'?
Replace Axl with Scott Weiland, replace Gilby Clarke and Izzy Stradlin with a bald douchebag, then you've got yourselves a real shitter of a band.
by dude... March 2, 2005
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