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Short for "laziness". Lack of accomplishment and willingness to do anything for oneself, despite an overwhelming desire for frivolous merchandise and useless items. Symptoms include overreliance on others for the necessary income to live a life of "luxury"
I'm such a leizl, I don't work hard enough in life.
by zanyvanila December 29, 2009
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A very rare person to meet. For she is a girl who can be carefree and adventurous. She's quite lazy at times to...but she works hard when it comes to something she actually wants to do. She cares about people even though it may not seem like it, she thinks it's sign of vulnerability or weakness to show it. She's quite reckless at times too, acting like some sort of daredevil while other times she can just be there on the sidelines. Though she may seem like some sort of spirit of childlike behaviors...she is very emotional. When she gets angry she can put you down easily, but it's rare for her to get angry. When a Leizl is emotional they're probably the wisest person you can meet, they experience plenty in their adventures so don't take their quotes or advice lightly, it just may help you one day.
Wow Leizl, that was stupid but amazing!

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