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A smart,beautiful girl that's very talented she can be mean when ever people get on her nerves she's a very nice person other wise
You know LeiAna? She's so pretty
by Kiss it February 13, 2017
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Leiana is a beautiful girl!!! She understands people she is athletic and a musician .
Hey leiana is pretty smart
by bhjbjkblj November 17, 2017
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A person that feels they are way more important in life than they really are. They trample over others to make themselves known. They also have a tired version of resting bitch face.
Oh God, I got stuck in the kitchen with this Leiana that thought she was the second coming of Christ. I just wanted some milk in my tea.
by Deplume December 20, 2017
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a girl that likes to dance with a bunch of fat guys. she usually goes for older men. other than that she is chill.
hoooo leiana was good last night.
by kekoa ....... April 28, 2011
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The best bestfriend you can have. Her hasel eyes are to die for and her smile is perfect. She goes for guys with blue eyes that she canโ€™t have. She is goes for boys she canโ€™t have. If you ever meet her then donโ€™t lose her
Leiana is the best
by Lovelysomeone April 14, 2019
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