Small plastic building blocks that hurt like a bitch when you step on them.
Damn Legos!!”
by GrapeTurtle June 8, 2012
little toy blocks that connect to one another to take shape of another object
look at my house, it is made with LEGOS.
by Sykey December 19, 2004
LEGO is the best because it’s good for all different ages you can get all different types of LEGO like Star Wars,city,friends. And a whole lot more so u should go buy some because it’s really fun and u can create thing on your own with out instructions
LEGO is the best

Ye ik right
by African monkey October 14, 2019
Lego- a slang term for let's go. Commonly used by Trey Songz.
Lego get a dutch so we can smoke
by Shay Dizzle December 28, 2011
The world's best torture device. Spread on floor then make victim walk across barefoot
What if your mom comes in?

Don't worry, I left all my Lego in the hallway
by Awesome_e February 26, 2017
The art of physically fitting perfectly with someone be it on a couch or bed, essentially an advanced version of spooning. The result is maximum comfort, safety and warmth.
After solving yet another mystery together, Scooby and Shaggy cozied up in the Mystery Machine legoing whilst enjoying massive sandwiches and Scooby Snacks.
by YellowCanary March 20, 2010
1. An interlocking plastic building toy. Used by many people through out their childhood (usually boys).

2. An indigenous Australian word meaning "fight". It is pronounces leg-oh.
1. "hey man wanna come over and play with my lego? I made a cool space ship"

2. "Oi bra, you want to lego?"
by Slangmaster3000 February 7, 2008